Buying pressure washers

Buying pressure washers

A pressure washer comes with a host of benefits. If you are the kind who likes to do their own cleaning, then you should invest in one of these cleaning appliances for the home. There are a number of options available for pressure washers. You need to be aware of its functioning and read the manual well. You will need some pointers, and here are some of the important things that you should keep handy before buying the right pressure washers.

Types of pressure washers
There are essentially three types of these washers:

Consumer pressure washers
These are powered by electricity and are light and easy to carry. They are perfect for small loads such as washing your cars, home outdoors, etc.

Semi-pro pressure washers
These run on fuel and are designed to handle tougher jobs. They are perfect for cleaning the whole house, larger public areas and roads and streets.

Professional pressure washers
The professional pressure washers are the most technically equipped of the lot. They have an engine and a pump and they are designed to tackle heavy duty cleaning like in a factory, a slaughtering factory, construction sites, etc.

Learn the basics
When you think of investing in a machine of such capacity, rather than hiring or renting one, you need to be aware of the jargons that are associated with this particular equipment. They are:

Pound per square inch
Pound per Square Inch or PSI is the measurement of water pressure. This denotes the pressure needed to break the chemical bond between the surface and the stain. Therefore, naturally, the PSI of your equipment will be greater if the chemical bond is greater.

Gallons per minute
Gallons per Minute or GPM measures the speed of the flow of water. The more your equipment’s GPM is, the more surface area will it cover.

Cleaning units
Cleaning Units or CU measures the true test. This indicates the condition in which the washer is able to deliver more under the same pressure. The more the water released the faster will the cleaning be.

These guidelines can help you to decide on buying the perfect pressure washers. While buying one of these machines, ask for help from the shop assistant, but read enough to be able to judge.